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1: Hi My name is John Whitley and I’m the founder of Satellitephonesales.com.auAustralia no 1 satellite communications isatphone pro firmware 4.0 online store.

In these videos our objective is not to spend hours boring you with technical information but simply to give you a brief overview.

In this video I wanted to answer one of the most frequently asked questions I get from anyone looking into Satellite Phones thequestion is simply “what is the best global Satellite Phone“

So Lets get straight into it:

There are two networks that operate truly globally.

The first is Inmarsat. Beam rst755 privacy handset are the original military Satellite network used previously and still used today by the USA . It consists of the highest orbital satellites and an unlimited budget.

The result is an outstanding network that has brought us very inexpensive data transfer speeds and units.

These units are called BGAN’s which are short for “Broadband Global Area Network”

Bottom line is this unit here is the most common unit sold in Australia is called an explorer 300. Weighing in at around 1kilogram it is simply a Satellite Broadband modem.

It plugs into your computer via an Ethernet cable and in seconds you have internet access anywhere on the planet. With speeds ranging up to about 384kbps.

Now this comes with a caveat, Satellite world is not the same as day to day communications, and as a result I made the comment earlier that this was an inexpensive solution to data transfer but still coming in at around $4000 its not every ones cup of tea.

But it would be easy to forget that only a couple of years ago it would cost you around $78,000 for us to provide you with a solution that was 24kilos and had speeds of only 64 kbps.

As you go up the Bgan range of products you can incorporate greater uses such as multiple telephone points, usb  rather than Ethernet cables and even faster speeds.

To answer any further queries in regards to Bgan and the internet please contact us satellitephonesales.com.au

However the more common Global Satellite Phone network is Iridium. This Worldwide network has carved out a niche market in supplying unparelled communications globally.

It simply comes down to if you are looking for a network that will connect you anytime anywhere on the planet, be it in the middle of the ocean or at the top of Everest, or as we are more commonly used to simply in the Australian Outback Iridium is the answer.

Its latest Handset is a credit to Motorola, the designers and manufactures of the new Motorola iridium 9555 handset.

A third smaller that’s its predessor and with a built in Aerial makes this the most useable non brick looking like Satellite Phone available.

Whilst recognising that it has a job to do. With this in mind Satellite Phones are generally used in out of the way places and unlike normal mobile phones are subject to harsh conditions and use.

Iridium have shown us over the last 7 to 8 years that they are up to the task.

This is the new Iridium 9555 unit. To find out more information simply go to www.satellitephonesales.com.au

I hope you enjoyed etc

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