What does Flagfall mean on The Satellite Phone airtime contracts that I see

1: Hi My label is John Whitley and I’m the founder of Satellitephonesales.com. au Australia no 1 satellite communications online establishment.

In these video clips our objective is not to spend hours tiring you with technical details but simply to offer you a quick overview.

In this video I intended to address one of the most regularly asked questions I acquire from any individual checking into Satellite Phones in Australia. The question is simply “I see the term Flagfall on all the Satellite Airtime agreements in Australia, just what does it suggest”?

So Allows get right in to it:.

At the time of tape-recording this the 2 networks that prevail in Australia are Thuraya and Iridium.

Thuraya could only be acquired via an Optus authorised Satellite Phone dealer and when you consider their Airtime prepares you will certainly discover the term flagfall.

The iridium network can be acquired from a number or dealerships consisting of Telstra, Pivotel, Satellitephonesales.com. au. orIridiumdirect.com. au to call simply a couple of.

With every one of these dealers when you dig much deeper in to their airtime agreements you will certainly see they have a setting you back for flagfall.

Flagfall is the market term for every time you telephone from your Satellite phone to anybody, be it land line or mobile and even one more satellite phone you acquire charged a connection fee.

This will certainly vary from.40 c to.60 c each hookup.

That’s very little I hear you claim and yiour appropriate however dependent on just how usually you use your beam rst719 aerial this can actually accumulate.

Exactly what takes place is you are thinking you are paying one cost for your telephone call each 30 secs and the what’s what is you will certainly finish up paying a greater charge for this very first 30 seconds.

My assistance concerning this is customer beware. Search for a Satellite Car dealership that if doesn’t charge a flagfall, this way you know what your in for rather compared to obtaining unanticipated bills that don’t match exactly what you had actually assumed you had actually spent.

The following concern I commonly acquire is suppose the hookup breaks and I need to redial, do I get charged the flagfall again? The answer is indeed.

To summerize aflagfall is a hookup fee, so each time you link it will be asked for.

Does every Satellite Service provider and dealer charge a flagfall?

The answer is no, many do but you often tend to find the isatphone pro functions on-line establishments do not. This may be down to lesser overheads or a different business mentality. So look around.

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