Why does it cost me for someone to call my Satellite phone

1: Hi My name is John Whitley and I’m the founder of Satellitephonesales.com.au Australia no 1 satellite communications online store.

In these videos our objective is not to spend hours boring you with technical information but simply to give you a brief overview.

In this video I wanted to answer one of the most frequently asked questions I get from anyone looking into Satellite Phones in Australia.The question is simply “Why does it cost me when someone calls me on my Satellite Phone”?

So Lets get straight into it:

Great question, and the answer is that not all Satellite dealerships charge you. So don’t be led that they all do it.

It is a bit hard to stomoach that there you are minding your own business when your isatphone pro latest firmware rings, you pick it up, answer it with out a thought and BANG you’ve just been charged by dealer $1.50 to $2.00.

Hold on I hear you cry but I didn’t make the call, how can I control what someone else does, that not fair. And you are absolutely right it isn’t.

It tends to be the major players that are doing this to you, the like of Say Telstra, Pivotel and a few others. The reason comes down to on the one hand, them offering you a local Australia telephone number for your Satellite Phone.

It sounded good when you bought from them , but id you look or have it explained that to get that you have to sacrifice.

The sacrifice is  that to get a local dial number it has to go through a local exchange and be converted from the Satellite Phone telephone number top the local number.

This does not come free. There generally is a charge for this, some dealers will try to absorb this charge by offering minutes within their airtime and others will simply charge it on.

The reality is, it’s a bit like playing at the casino’s the house know the numbers and is destined not to lose. That can only result in you being charged more.

This is not an inconsiderable amount of money and can make owning your Satellite Phone rst055 ups a lot more expensive than initially thought. But of course once you are into a contract that’s it you are stuck.

So advice if your not that fussed about getting a local number (as in our experience 85% are not) then go to a dealer who has no charge for incoming calls.

Again it tends to be the quality online operators that offer both and so you can chose and accordingly get the best deal.

So shop around ands save money straight away.

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