How much does it cost me to call iridium satellite phone?

The inquiry of the amount of it costs you to call iridium satellite phone in or outside Australia depends on a lot of concerns.

It all depends upon which phone device or service or landline carrier that you’re telephoning from. As there are hundreds of various airtime strategies from all the various carriers within Australia. So Telstra will certainly have its own plan Vodafone virgin and Optus among others.

Not only will it rely on the carrier it will additionally after that depend on your very own deal that you have actually established up with that carrier. Each land-based carrier fees different costs depending upon the contract deal that you have either a residential or commercial basis.

So if you are liable for the expense of telephoning iridium satellite phone in or outside Australia, my suggestion is phone in your landline beam iriditrak provider and inquire having offering them your endorsement number, inquire just how much it will certainly cost you to call that iridium satellite phone from your landline or mobile telephone per min.

In our experience this is varied from anything from three dollars per min to $20 each min depending on the land-based carrier to the satellite network you’re telephoning.

If nevertheless you are in a situation that you have access to an additional iridium satellite phone, without a doubt the most affordable way to call iridium phone is by means of yet another iridium satellite phone. As this uses the iridium satellite network direct and isn’t really mentioned as a global phone call via a land-based provider.

So from telephoning one iridium to another is without a doubt the most affordable. If you are a firm you are able to access an iridium satellite network by means of a telephone and a land cradle which suits your PABX switchboard, enabling you to choose up your phone at your workdesk and press among the exterior buttons which put you through quickly in to the iridium satellite network and resembles making a neighborhood telephone call which will varying in cost from $.80 each 30 secs to a $1.50 per 30 seconds in our encounter relying on the plan you have picked.

In awareness of this trouble, au have actually produced the capability for somebody to SMS your satellite phone by means of their internet site at

In the main menu bar there is a TEXT tab. You can deliver anybody be it family pal or company to that website through their laptop computer or desktop computer system, to which they can after that push on the TEXT menu tab continue the iridium menu tab spot your iridium satellite telephone number in the box and afterwards deliver you a TEXT from their desktop or laptop for free to both them and you.

This is an impressive way for you to acquire communication at a minimum cost, as fairly often in our encounter we have discovered telephoning from an iridium satellite phone to a land line anywhere on the globe or cellular mobile is much less expensive than a land line phoning a isatphone professional information service


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